Huifeng Outdoor Products Manufacture was established in 2005, the company initial name was China Sail Shades Group trading as China Sail Shades, in the beginning years we mainly buy HDPE shade mesh and traditional ready-made shade sails from local suppliers and resell them to few areas in China and mostly exported to global market, it is much more efficient to control quality in-house and we started our own manufacture facility in 2007, since then we started our brand new journey to growing as the most professional manufacturer of sun shades products on globe.  

In 2013, with more than 8 years development experience, we already have capacity of manufacturing various outdoor sun shades products, therefore we registered a new business known currently: Huifeng Outdoor Products Manufacture, still trading as China Sail Shades. 

In 2016, since China has been growing as one of the largest market on earth, we established joint-venture partners relations with Zoombenz Construction, Zoombenz Construction is a business has been focusing on construction field for over 25 years, Zoombenz Construction are very experienced in infrastructure construction including but not limited to: real estate, sports ground and auditorium, synthetic resin sports track, Street Painting, Artificial Turf, Silicon PU flooring, universal steel construction foundation and installation service. Rent service for construction machinery and equipment. 

We are proud that we become a company has capability to providing full project service package including architectural conceptual design, project engineering, in-house manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance and consultant. 

At the beginning time of our establishment, we only focused on dealing with overseas wholesale importers, as the marvelous developing of internet business and global transportation delivery during the last decades, it makes the possibility of service individual clients becomes a certainty, we started making and supplying custom-made products to individual customers directly from our manufacturing facility. Shengzhou Framed Sunshading Products Factory is a legal branch facility that owned by Huifeng Outdoor Products Manufacture, because of the wide products and service range we have expanded, we expanded our trading name as well with Sunshade Union added.

The local China sun shades market keeps growing in recent 5 years, more and more international schools in China started paying attention to outdoor safety and taking care of their kids and students with shade sails and/or shade structures. Local states government and business and organizations also started using shade sails and/or structures to have their assets protected, the same time providing colleagues and employees more comfortable working experience. 

We have serviced some overseas schools with our shade sails and shade structures in past 3 years, we are very proud and we feel quite honored that we serviced those customers with our conceptual design, engineering, products and installation. 

We respect integrity, objectivity, innovation, and dedication of the philosophy, and advocate teamwork, service and strive for excellence in work style. We welcome customers contact us and negotiate future co-operation details.