Shade cloth is one of the most popular fabric widely used on fabrication of various sun shading products, it is made in either monofilaments & tape construction weave or monofilaments & monofilament construction weave, both monofilaments and tape are extruded from HDPE granules with colour pigments and anti-UV substance added, HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene. 

There are a huge numbers of shade cloth manufacturers around globe, but only a few of them are branded producers that the cloth quality has been verified by market for years which we are using currently.Those suppliers not only have capacity of producing high quality shade cloth, but also keep large numbers of cloth rolls in stock and various colour ranges for shade sails manufacturers to choose from. 

It is quite proud that we Sunshade Union have very nice contact and working relations with those branded suppliers. It has made us able to satisfy our customers needs at any time.  

Below are few colour options for both light weight and heavy weight shade fabrics:
Light weight shade cloth normally used on small and medium shade sails and structures, also widely used on ready-made shade sails and sun shade umbrellas.

Heavy weight shade cloth normally used on commercial large span shade sails and structures: