A tensile membrane structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. The term tensile should not be confused with tensegrity, which is a structural form with both tension and compression elements. Tensile structures are the most common type of thin-shell structures. 

Most tensile membrane structures are supported by some form of compression or bending elements, such as masts (as in The O2, formerly the Millennium Dome), compression rings or beams. 

Tensile membrane structure is most often used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances. Tensile membrane structures may also be used as complete buildings, with a few common applications being sports facilities, warehousing and storage buildings, and exhibition venues.

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We have the skilled and professional manpower all working to create the most versatile fabrics that would bring a magnificent structure to life. Our know-how on fabric fabrication will help you get head of your game. We understand every fabric material and its behavior when subjected to various factors. 

We have the goal of keeping it green when building tensile fabric structures. We fabricate fabrics that goes well with our ecosystem that can be recycle.