Car parking structure is absolutely an excellent shade structure for car parking areas, Car parking shade sails and structures are a fantastic choice for your home or commercial property.  Your car parking shade sails and structures has the ability to protect your car from rain, hail and the harsh effects of the sun.  it constructed with heavy duty shade cloth fabrics connected on steel frames, the high-quality, knitted shade cloth fabrics provide optimum protection in any climate. Crafted from UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene, they come in a range of grades for sun-block. Your car shade can cool your car by up to 50%.

Car parking structure are highly customizable and can be installed in just about any area. With your Car shade or Car parking shade structures you are able to increase the value of your property whilst protecting people and assets.

Our advantages:

  • Over 14 years experience in crafting shade fabrics and steel fabrications - We started crafting shade fabrics since 2005. 
  • Either 10 year or 15 year warranty shade material - We only use indudstry branded and quality approved shade material.
  • Large stock capacity for various colors of shade material - We have all major color options available in stock for all range of different shade material.
  • Fully packaged service from design to maintenance - We provide 3D conceptual design, on-site survey and engineering, fabrication for steels and fabric, package and delivery, construction and installation, technical consultant and maintenance.
  • Quick lead time - 24 hours completion for conceptual design and 15 working days for car parking structure fabrication and delivery.