Our Solar Car Parking System establishes your building as unique from competitors in eight forward thinking ways:

1. It doubles your use of real estate.
Generating income from an otherwise underutilised source.

2. It attracts and impresses clients.
Cooler car temperatures keep customers in your establishment for extended periods of time, while your forward thinking shade structures and green credentials increase their return to your business. Installing our Solar Car Parking System opens your business up to an entirely new market – without you having to alter your brand in the slightest.

3. It’s good for the environment.
Our Solar Car Parking System helps you minimise the overwhelming effects of heat islanding – a positive in itself – but also converts that useless heat into practical, green power.

4. It embraces the future.
The use of Electric Vehicles (EV) and solar power will only continue to rise. Installation of a Solar Car Parking System gets your business ready for battery storage and a future EV demographic.

5. It’s unbelievably easy to install.
The main goal of our team is to provide a product that enables you to do what you do best. That means the combined efforts of our hard work make the installation process incredibly simple for you. (We’re talking fool proof).

6. It can charge your Electric Vehicle.
We also offers installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) ChargePoints – convenient, safe and simple charging stations to impress and attract future clients.

7. It can be tailored to your specifications.
If you’ve got a big, small or unusual space don’t stress. Flexibility is our specialty. Just send us some information about your site and we’ll customise a Solar Car Parking System to meet those needs within a very short lead-time.

8. It’s ready.
We are able to supply as soon as you like. Once you’ve committed to a project we’ll have it at the DA stage in no time.