Our company philosophy is built around the belief that a customer inevitably becomes a lifelong partner with Sunshade Union  – from project planning and installation to ongoing service and maintenance, we become a trusted member of your team. With a focus on design, technology, and customer satisfaction, Sunshade Union are committed to providing only the best of products and ensuring that our customers experience the best that Sunshade Union has to offer. 

Using only the best of materials and technologies around the world, we ensure our domes are the highest quality and are ready for any challenge they may face. Expertly installed and closely monitored by our service crews, our air-suppoted structures are always reliable and ready to withstand the test of time.

Sunshade Union are experts in design, manufacture, installation, and service with a forward-thinking focus on innovation. Composed of expertly talented and finely skilled individuals, Sunshade Union is ready to share our expertise.
Our email: info@sunshadeunion.com, we are waiting to hearing from you and speaking with you for further cooperation details.