Air-supported structures are the perfect fit for many applications, among its many uses are: sports and recreation facilities including soccer and other field sports, basketball court, tennis, golf, swimming pools, and multi-sport facilities, warehousing, temporary shelters, and radomes. The structure can be either wholly, partial, or roof-only air supported. A fully air-supported structure can be intended to be a temporary or semi-temporary facility or permanent, whereas a structure with only an air-supported roof can be built as a permanent building.

Application examples for swimming pool and skating stadium:

One of the most famous air-supported structure is Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Dome is a stadium in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.Tokyo Dome's original nickname was "The Big Egg", with some calling it the "Tokyo Big Egg". Its dome-shaped roof is an air-supported structure, a flexible membrane supported by slightly pressurizing the inside of the stadium. It has a maximum total capacity of 57,000 depending on configuration, with an all-seating configuration of 42,000. Below image shows exterior and interior of Tokyo Dome:

The theoretical maximum span distance for air-supported structure can reach 180 meters. See below the interior of the Tokyo Dome exemplifies how large an area can be spanned with an air-supported roof: