An air-supported structure is a lower cost alternative to a traditional building. The unique properties of air-supported structure design make it ideal for: 

Facilities that require large, open, clear span interior space. No need for supporting beams or columns.
Structures that are required to be semi-permanent. Domes can be taken down and set up every season or as needed.
Saving money. Initial costs are considerably lower than traditional construction and operating costs can be smaller as well due to simplicity of the design.

Any space or climate. We customize air-supported structures to fit in any space and specialized
materials and systems can create a consistent internal climate, regardless of the outside weather conditions. 

Air-supported structure being widely used in coal and metal mining industries, because its talented performance on protection of green environment and significant saving on mining waste, which greatly down the cost for the coal and metal mine owners. Below image an example:

An air-supported structure is the most versatile and cost effective building system available when it comes to covering large, clear span space. Our air-supported structures are also your best option for applications that require a seasonal structure. The anchor system used by Sunshade Union is the fastest, easiest system ever devised for seasonal put ups and takedowns.